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Men love cars and the corona virus rekindled the love affair between people and cars increasing the opportunities for sales of auto-parts. Also, due to the changes in the courier regulations in Brazil it opens the door for individuals to buy and import directly from us on purchases up to $3000. So, if you want to make your car look nicer, safer or if you need to buy  parts because you are taking your family for a long vacation talk to us.

Our infrastructure allows us to purchase quantity or sell directly to you. If you have a Porsche or a Volkswagen Beetle (Fusca) maybe a motorcycle or even a tractor we can help you find what you are looking for. Almost anything to make your car run smoothly and safer os jut to make it look nicer or up to date with tech stuff.

Cars not only need to be maintained but  and take of them besides improving the looks and there are a lot of good business opportunities not only to buy them but also on purchase of auto parts which includes also the ones for the “antigomobilismo” - Brazilian name for the Classic and Vintage cars market. Besides parts and tires there is opportunity on the accessories market as well which, following market trends, has been showing consistent growth the last few years.

Regular, racing and classic cars, tractors, regular and racing motorcycles

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