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Vintage, Antique & Classic Cars

Vintage, Antique & Classic Cars

The growth of  “Antigomobilismo” in Brazil

If you want to buy a vintage or classic car in the US, we can help you save a lot of time, grievance and certainly at the end, money.

There are different reasons to buy a vintage car that can range from emotional reasons to investment besides the die hard  enthusiasts and hobbyists that really enjoy the experience, the remodeling and the community that comes together when buying an old and different car. Because of it, having someone who can keep the emotions at bay and help you to close the better deal can be very cost effective in a market that does not have a standardized price and it’s ruled by passion and how bad you want the car and, that has become more professionalized and business and sometimes profit oriented than in the past.

Buying a vintage car from the US which is not available in Brazil it is almost always a natural path  because the United States has the largest inventory and competitive prices of classic, vintage, and antique cars available to be purchased.

A few things to consider though before you decide to purchase and import a classic car into Brasil. You need to be part of a  Classic car Club and the car you are thinking about buying needs to be at least 30 years old.

Let us know which car you need and how bad you want it and we will help you to make your dream come through finding it for you. 

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